On the Edge2010-11
‘On the Edge’ is a documentary drawing project, recording daily life in the remaining small businesses on the edge of an expanding demolition area around Wavertree Road, Liverpool. Having about a year left before the “Stage 3 clearance plan” is put into action, these shops continue to thrive.
The businesses include four hairdressers, a dress shop that has provided smart gowns to Liverpool ladies for nearly sixty years, and a garment alteration shop forced by encroaching demolition to move three times.
As usual, all drawings were made freehand in ink pen without preliminary sketches, and were made onsite in the various shops and businesses whilst everyday work carried on. 
Some of the drawings produced were on show in November 2010 in the 'Future Station' exhibition organized by Metal at Edge Hill station. A much larger selection was shown in the Unity Theatre, Liverpool through most of spring, 2011.
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The Uniity Theatre exhibition included a former Art in Liverpool 'Artwork of the Week'.
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Chris drying Angie's hair
[Tony's Hair Design]

Chris drying Angie

Pam in the Big Chair
[Pam's Alterations]

Pam Big Chair
Waiting for prescriptions
[Black's Pharmacy]

First floor sales room
[Kay Nelson Gowns]

First floor