Documenting Hope University Cornerstone Creative Campus, Everton, November 2007 - May 2010 Home page
This project consisted of 18 months as 'artist in residence' at the Cornerstone Creative Campus, which is the Hope University centre for degree studies in Fine Art, Design, and the Performing Arts (music, dance, theatre and so on). Following on from the John Moores University project, the focus was documentary drawing (ink on paper), together with some Mass Observation style note-taking to capture atmosphere, snippets of conversation, and background sounds.

In all, about 150 drawings were produced, different selections of which were exhibited in solo shows: 'Lines of perception' (which also included some of the JMU work) at the Unity Theatre, and 'A year in the life of the Cornerstone' at the Cornerstone Gallery.

Fine Art Studio (2009)   

Stretcher making
The Plaster Workshop (2009)

Plaster Workshop
The Metal Workshop (2008)

Metal workshop