About here, 2010 (MerseyBio, Liverpool University)
"This exhibition is the realisation of four artists' individual professional journeys to the place they are today - HERE : They consider the relevance of their environment within their contemporary practice and the things which have touched them during their journeys". About here is a group show that was originally part of the Independents section of the 2010 Liverpool Biennial exhibition (shown at The Gallery), and then in MerseyBIO in the Biosciences Building of Liverpool University, Crown Street, (L69 7ZB).
The following landscapes are some of the works by Jane Hughes (for notes on development see About my practice)
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Somewhere out there (2010)

Somewhere out there thumbnail
Storm at the promenade (2010)

Storm at the promenade thumbnail
Dark pool Skelwith (2010)

Dark pool Skelwith thumbnail
From Miramar (2010)

From Miramar